What is Local SEO and Why Does It Matter?

what is local seo

As a small business owner, you take pride in local connections. Marketing on the Internet, in comparison, might feel like a shot in the dark. You’re putting your information out there for anyone, anywhere to see. But are you really? In recent years, Google’s search algorithms have become more attuned to where users search, in addition to what they search. … Read more

Why WordPress?

wordpress logo

Did you know that many of the websites you visit every day are built on WordPress? The platform is now so widespread that experts estimate about 38% of all websites are using this web publishing software. From giant corporations like Sony, the New York Times, and Disney to smaller e-commerce businesses and individuals, WordPress powers them all … Read more

Setup IMAP on iPhone or iPad

This article walks you through how to set up our business class email, SMTP and IMAP, on your iPhone. Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone and select Passwords & Accounts. Step 2: Select Add Account Step 3: Select Other Step 4: Select Add Mail Account Step 5: Fill in all fields then … Read more

How Managed IT Services Help Small Businesses Stay Safe – and Save

Digital cybersecurity and network protection. Virtual locking mechanism to access shared resources. Interactive virtual control screen. Protect personal data and privacy from cyberattack and hacker

If you own a small business, there’s a good chance you don’t have an IT professional on payroll, for a valid reason: Cost. Floating the expense of even one technology professional isn’t an option for many small businesses – even well-established, successful ones.   But a lack of information technology can cost your business big time. And as … Read more

The Power and Potential of Online Customer Reviews

Remember, pre-internet, when word of mouth was king? A friend or family member’s opinion carried more weight than advertising, giving consumers the confidence to try a product or service – or the resolve to avoid it at all costs.  This same concept – called social proof – holds true in the digital age. It just … Read more